USI MID-160: World’s Thinnest MID

The world’s thinnest MID sounds like an interesting claim, but given that so few Mobile Internet Devices are actually on the market, and that confusion about MIDs and NetBooks might actually be on the rise, it might be a bit early to stake out any kind of turf.

No matter, the USI MID-160 looks like a pretty device and Chippy at UMPCPortal has the press release with all the specs and figures (except price, CPU Speed, and a few other necessities) for all to see. The device doesn’t come with a keyboard which only makes sense to me for an “Internet in your pocket” device. Keep in mind that this is a MID looking for a distributor they way I read Chippy’s post. I’m guessing we won’t see anything resembling this on the market for awhile yet.