Using Your Phone Camera to Control Via Gestures

Nokia released an app called Air UI for the Nokia N9 or N900. It lets the user control their phone using “simple gestures over the front camera without actually touching the device,” meaning you get Nintendo Wii or Xbox Kinect style control of your phone.

When I found out about this through a friend who’s one of the few Nokia freaks out there, I did a search in the Android and iOS app stores. I didn’t expect to find anything in the iPhone app store, but I was wrong. AirVox promises to let you control your music using gestures over the camera for only $2.99. Last year we heard rumors that this was coming to iOS 5 or the iPhone 5 or the iPad 2/3/4/5 etc..

The Android Market offers an app called Gesture Controlthat does the same thing as Air UI and more than AirVox for free.

Gesture Camera App

Gesture Camera App

My question: Does anyone really want this? The idea is cooler than the practical application. It feels kind of Minority Report-like to be able to do this, if it works. I just doubt that I’m going to want to. With the advent of Siri on the iPhone, this becomes an obsolete idea. Why not just tell your phone to play the next track or increase volume or pause? The voice replaces the waving hands.

I’d love to hear if any of our readers use any of these apps, and if so let me know if you think it’s a great method of cell phone control.

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