Verizon Galaxy Nexus Signal Issue Fix In The Works

Last week was a big week for Android as Verizon launched the heralded Samsung Galaxy Nexus onto its 4G LTE network. And while we gave the phone a very favorable review, we couldn’t help but notice the phone experiencing some signal strength issues. At first, we thought it was just happening in a few isolated areas but, as it turns out, it’s more widespread than we initially thought.

Today, Verizon support has announced via Twitter that the company is apparently aware of the issues that are plaguing Galaxy Nexus owners and that the carrier is looking into them.

In addition, it appears that a software fix is being developed although the person manning the company’s Twitter account claims that there is currently no ETA for that piece of software’s arrival.

@schleppydotnet A fix for this issue is under review & will be included in the first post launch maintenance release SW for this device. ^JB

That means that those of you that are currently experiencing connection issues are going to have to deal with them a bit longer. If your phone is using up too much battery life searching for 4G LTE, you can turn off 4G LTE temporarily in the settings.

Galaxy Nexus

The issues center around the phone dropping calls and the device abruptly losing its connection, as you can see in the photo above. Out in Ohio, our own Josh Smith has also had an extremely difficult time attaining full bars of 4G LTE. I’ve also seen the same thing here in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Obviously, that’s not the experience that we expected and it’s probably not the experience that many of you out there, who had been waiting for two months to get a hold of this device, had been expecting either.

Hopefully, Samsung and Verizon get this patched up soon.

Anyone out there with a new Galaxy Nexus dealing with the same kind of issues?