Verizon Galaxy Nexus to Cost $299 On-Contract?

Verizon refuses to make the Samsung Galaxy Nexus pricing and release date official but as we know, that hasn’t stopped all sorts of information from leaking out. The latest leak is courtesy of the Wall Street Journal who says that Verizon will be selling its 4G LTE enabled version of the Galaxy Nexus for an unsurprising $299 with the signing of a new two year contract.

We say unsurprising because this is the new premium that the carrier has placed on its 4G LTE smartphones. The HTC Rezound launched for $299 on-contract and the Motorola Droid RAZR has the same price tag.

Now, this isn’t set in stone but we would be shocked to see otherwise. So, hopefully, those of you that have been waiting for this have filled up your mini-vaults, piggy banks or what have you to the brim because you’re going to be ponying up some serious cash at some point this month.

Galaxy Nexus

Unfortunately, still no word on a release date.

December 8th and 9th are looking like the front-runners though.

Via: Engadget