Verizon Galaxy S3 Multi-Window View Update Now Available

The Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3, which saw a massive update approved by Verizon earlier today, is now in the midst of a full on roll out as the software has become available to owners today, bringing a host of new along with it.

Earlier today, we reported that Verizon had approved a Verizon Galaxy S3 update for roll out and that the 130MB update would be bringing a host of new functionality to owners of Samsung’s aging flagship. And while it often takes a few days for the software to arrive after its approved, Verizon decided that the software was ready for prime time and pushed it out to owners today.

The Verizon Galaxy S3 received a massive update today.

The Verizon Galaxy S3 received a massive update today.

The update is currently available through the device’s settings which means that Galaxy S3 owners on Verizon can simply head into the about section in the device’s settings to check for an update. Once there, the software should prompt and the download and installation process should begin.

Those taking the plunge on day one will find that the software is loaded with features including the Multi-Window View feature that allows owners to split the display up to run two application at once, Best Shot which takes five burst shots and allows owners to select the best, and a ton of enhancements and bug fixes that should help to improve the overall experience on the device.

From what we’re hearing thus far, the software is stable and the new features are working as advertised. Of course, it could take a few days for any bugs to manifest themselves so those that are weary are likely going to want to hold off for a few days before installing the new software.

The update likely will not be the last software update for the Samsung Galaxy S3 on Verizon. Android 4.2 Jelly Bean is looking likely, and given how small Android 4.3 Jelly Bean is rumored to be, it’s possible that Samsung and Verizon will look to upgrade it with that update as well, should it ever roll out. For now though, despite the new features, the device remains on Android 4.1.