Verizon HTC One: 5 Things You Need to Know

After months of speculation, leaks and rumors, Verizon has finally confirmed the long-awaited Verizon HTC One for its 4G LTE network. The device, which will surely be attractive to those looking for a new smartphone and for those interested, here are the five most important things to know about Verizon’s all-metal, Sense 5 powered beast.

Since the beginning of the year, the Verizon HTC One has been a much talked about, heavily rumored smartphone. For whatever reason – supply issues, timing, something else – the carrier kept the device shelved, refusing to acknowledge its existence, even after carriers like AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile put it on sale.

The Verizon HTC One is coming this summer.

The Verizon HTC One is coming this summer.

That left consumers with a hefty dose of speculation in regards to the device’s whereabouts including about whether or not the carrier would simply pass on the device in favor of an HTC Butterfly 2/Droid DNA 2 or something else entirely. As it turns out, the rumors of a Verizon HTC One were correct and the device is, in fact, very much real.

Today, in a quick announcement on Twitter, the company finally confirmed the existence of the HTC One, a device that will be joining the Samsung Galaxy S4 on shelves in the weeks ahead. However, in true Verizon form, the carrier only confirmed some of the details, leaving others to the imagination until the carrier issues a full-on press release for the device.

In fact, while the device has been confirmed, there are still plenty of questions lingering in regards to the Verizon HTC One, its release date, its pricing, its features and more.

Here, we take a look at the unofficial, but likely answers to those questions while also bringing consumers who may not have been following along, up to speed with the popular and upcoming device that is known as the Verizon HTC One.

Release Date Unknown

A Verizon HTC One release is unknown, even after its announcement.

A Verizon HTC One release is unknown, even after its announcement.

Indeed, Verizon announced the HTC One but thus far, in regards to its release date, all the carrier has to say is “summer.” That means that it could be out at any point between now and August.

Thus far, all signs have pointed to a release before the month of July with a release in late June rumored to be taking place. June or July make the most sense at this point with June being the front-runner.

So while the announcement took place today, we should see a release date emerge in the next few days or weeks. Yes, the wait for the device is over, but the wait for a release date has only just begun.

Price Is A Mystery

The carrier also failed to disclose any type of pricing for the HTC One. This means that in addition to a release date, consumers don’t know how much the device is going to cost.

Chances are, the device, which will likely be the 32GB model, will be $199.99 on-contract like the Samsung Galaxy S4 16GB. The other carriers offering it on-contract have it placed at $199.99 and at this point, given how late in the game Verizon is, a premium on the price should not be expected.

Instead, look for it to fall in line with the Galaxy S4 price to make it a competitive offering.

Hardware Will Be The Same

Verizon didn’t disclose what would be on board its HTC One, hardware-wise, when it arrives later on this year. However, those interested in buying it should expect it to feature the exact same hardware as the other HTC One models that are available on AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile.

For one, there’s no way that HTC would give Verizon any type of an advantage, That would hurt relations with the other carriers and at this point, given how fragile the company is, that wouldn’t be a smart move.

So, expect it to have a 4.7-inch 1080p display, quad-core processor, Ultrapixel camera, metal design with non-removable back, and HTC BoomSound and Beats Audio.

We do expect the device to have Verizon branding, as all Verizon devices do, but given that the Samsung Galaxy S4 only came with minimal branding, consumers should know that there is a good chance that Verizon won’t muck up the HTC One’s design with its branding.

Android 4.2 Jelly Bean Likely

@LLabTooFeR, a noted HTC leakster and ROM developer, claims that the Verizon HTC One will launch with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean on board. This seems likely. The HTC One Android 4.2 update has been pegged for early June and the upcoming HTC One Nexus will have Android 4.2 on board.

It would be strange to see HTC and Google give HTC One Nexus owners an advantage, two months after the release of the original, so we expect the HTC One to get Android 4.2 this month and the Verizon HTC One to arrive with it on board as well. Perhaps this is why Verizon neglected to offer any details on the hardware and software.

Sense 5 will be on board the Verizon HTC One so those looking to get a vanilla Android experience will have to roll with the upcoming HTC One Google Edition/Nexus.

64GB Verizon HTC One Unlikely

Sprint and T-Mobile have yet to offer a 32GB HTC One. The HTC One Nexus will be coming with 32GB. At this point, there is no reason to expect a 64GB HTC One on Verizon.

AT&T still has the exclusive and it’s possible that it may never relinquish it. If a 64GB HTC One was indeed coming to Verizon, there likely would have been some hint at the fact. We also probably would have seen Sprint, T-Mobile or both muscle in. That hasn’t happened.

This means that Verizon HTC One owners should start preparing for a life with no microSD card support, about 7-9GB of storage taken up right from the start, and a heavy dependence on the cloud.