Verizon HTC One Release Could Happen by July 15th

There are still no concrete signs of a Verizon HTC One release date though a new offer from HTC could ensure that a Verizon HTC One release takes place by July 15th, dead smack in the middle of summer.

Earlier today, we filled prospective HTC One buyers in on a deal that HTC is hosting from now until July 15th. The company is currently offering new HTC One buyers $25 in Google Play Credit when the device is bought on a carrier in the United States. This deal is applicable to any carrier offering the HTC One and from any retailer that sells it, including Amazon, Walmart, Radio Shack, Target and others.

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HTC is hosting a deal for the HTC One until July 15th.

HTC is hosting a deal for the HTC One until July 15th.

Interestingly, the drop down menu on the website includes some peculiar carriers. First, MetroPCS, which currently does not boast the HTC One and Verizon, which has seen the device announced though remains mum on a specific release date. Typically, these drop down menus surface on device splash pages ahead of launch and not on deals like this. Furthermore, they typically list every single carrier possible, not just ones applicable to the device.This is what makes this listing so interesting.

HTC and Verizon announced that the HTC One would be released sometime this summer. They did not say when and have since been engaged in a tireless campaign to assure potential buyers that the device will indeed arrive sometime this summer. And given the timing of this deal, and the fact that Verizon is listed, perhaps HTC and Verizon are going to release it by July 15th so Verizon buyers, like those on AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile, can take advantage of this deal.

We could see a Verizon HTC One at the Verizon announcement.

The Verizon HTC One is still without a release date.

Keep in mind, this is a clue, not definitive proof. Summer stretches into August so it’s possible that Verizon could be waiting that long to offer it. However, given, the announcement, the fact that the HTC One is an aging phone, and the demand for it, a release by July 15th sounds about right.

Those expecting a concrete date though are just going to have to wait for an official announcement which should come at some point in the near future, possibly after HTC releases Android 4.2 for the HTC One.