Verizon HTC One Release Promised “Soon” to Frustrated Buyers

The Verizon HTC One is official but its release date, features and price remain unknown several weeks after it was first announced. Needless to say, prospective buyers are frustrated about how the launch has played out and for its part, HTC is telling those thinking about switching to other carriers that it will be out sometime “soon” though it still refuses to say when.

For weeks now, the Verizon HTC One launch confusion has waged on as both HTC and Verizon continue to keep the most pertinent details hidden from view. The two companies finally confirmed the device several weeks ago, however, they failed to announce any of the important details including its release date, its pricing or even its features.

The Verizon HTC One still doesn't have a release date.

The Verizon HTC One still doesn’t have a release date.

In the past few days, it has become clear that the HTC One for Verizon will likely be no different than the other HTC One models though pricing and a specific release date remain out of view.

Needless to say, many people are frustrated with the situation and continue to pepper HTC and Verizon with questions pertaining to the release of the HTC One on the nation’s largest 4G LTE network. HTC in particular has been inundated with questions and unlike Verizon, has been surprisingly candid with consumers about the missing Verizon HTC One.

While it hasn’t shared many specific details, it is responding to frustrated consumers. The latest volley of questions from consumers was a mix of the usual. Consumers asking where the device is, expressing their frustration with the situation and consumers threatening to head to another carrier to get the HTC One.

It’s the last of those three inquires that prompted HTC to again tell consumers that the device should be here “soon.” While this doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be out tomorrow, it’s a sign that the company and carrier likely won’t be waiting until September and the end of summer to release the Verizon HTC One.

At the same time, HTC’s social media accounts claim to have no knowledge of the company’s plans saying that consumers have as much knowledge as they do about the release. Whether this is true or not remains unclear but whatever the case may be, HTC is the one making promises to consumers, knowledge or not.

With the roll out of the HTC One Android 4.2 Jelly Bean update imminent, it’s possible that we could see an announcement sooner rather than later. We’ve been hearing that the Verizon HTC One could debut in a few weeks but HTC and Verizon have yet to confirm. And it’s clear that asking for answers isn’t going to produce any clear information.