HTC Skirts Around Verizon HTC One Release

If the Verizon HTC One is coming to Verizon in the future, HTC isn’t saying as the company’s director of PR in North America, Tom Harlin, danced around the question completely when taking questions from consumers in an online chat today.

In April, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile all launched the HTC One, the latest and greatest flagship smartphone from HTC. And while those carriers were announced from the beginning, there have been rumors about an HTC One release on the nation’s largest 4G LTE carrier, Verizon Wireless.

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The Verizon HTC One could wind up being the Droid DNA 2.

The Verizon HTC One could wind up being the Droid DNA 2.

Rumors and speculation have pegged the carrier as getting an HTC One, or something like the HTC One, at some point in the second or third quarters of this year, meaning a release sometime between now and the end of September. Previous rumors indicated that Verizon would get an HTC One about a month or two after the arrival of the other models, meaning May or June.

HTC has also confirmed the existence of an HTC Butterfly 2, a sequel to the original HTC Butterfly which launched as the Droid DNA on Verizon, something that could point to Verizon’s HTC One actually being a Droid DNA 2 or as we put it, a supercharged version of the HTC One.

The company isn’t saying either way as Tom Harlin, director of PR for HTC in North America, skirted around a question about the Verizon HTC One when asked today during a public chat on Yahoo!. When asked about the existence of a Verizon HTC One, Harlin said:

There are tons of rumors online but we haven’t made any official announcement about HTC One coming to Verizon. The DROID DNA continues to be the HTC hero smartphone at Verizon. It launched in late 2012, it’s features still compete with products in 2013. When we announce our next product with Verizon, we’ll make a big deal about it so you’re all aware.

Harlin doesn’t completely rule out an HTC One for Verizon but he also fails to acknowledge one as well. Of course, we didn’t expect him to confirm or deny the existence of such a device, so his response isn’t surprising to say the least.

What’s clear is that Verizon’s current answer to the HTC One is the Droid DNA, a device that arrived in November of last year and a device, as Harlin says, can compete with the devices that have been released this year.

So while he doesn’t exactly come right out and say it, it’s certainly possible that the Droid DNA will continue to be Verizon’s HTC hero smartphone until the Droid DNA 2 is announced.