Verizon HTC One Release Sees Another Possible Window

With HTC and Verizon refusing to divulge details in regards to the Verizon HTC One, frustrated buyers have been searching for answers. And while answers remain hard to find, we’ve seen several potential clues emerge with the most recent being an extension to a Google Play deal that was supposed to end on July 15th but has been extended to July 30th with no explanation.

For weeks now, HTC and Verizon have remained silent on any of the official details regarding the official Verizon HTC One that will be heading to shelves sometime this summer. Both companies have been inundated with questions from buyers who want some closure both on the features of the device and more particularly, on the release date.

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The Verizon HTC One is still without a release date.

The Verizon HTC One is still without a release date.

Recently, we’ve seen some clues emerge. First, noted HTC leakster @LLabTooFeR claimed that the device would be out three to four weeks from around June 25th, no specific date mentioned, though that puts a release squarely in July. Second, the HTC One Android 4.2 Jelly Bean update, which is thought to be coming stock on the Verizon HTC One, finally rolled out. And while that hasn’t led to an announcement, we believe that it means that something will emerge soon. And finally, we saw the Verizon HTC One leak out in a press image that was carrying a date in early September, perhaps foreshadowing the device’s release date.

Today, we have yet another possible clue. On June 17th, we saw HTC offer a deal to new HTC One buyers in the form of a $25 Google Play Credit. This deal is applicable to any carrier offering the HTC One in the United States and from any retailer that sells it, including Amazon, Walmart, Radio Shack, Target and others.

The deal was originally supposed to last until July 15th. However, the fine print has changed. Instead of July 15th, the offer has been extended to July 30th, or, the last day of the month. This is important because this seems to open up a new possible window for the Verizon HTC One release.

This may or may not be insight into the Verizon HTC One release.

This may or may not be insight into the Verizon HTC One release.

The Verizon model is listed in the drop down menu and given how old the device is, HTC would be wise to offer this deal as incentive to Verizon HTC One buyers who have waited this long to buy the device.

This wouldn’t be the first time that HTC has extended an HTC One promo due to an extended wait and it could be that the Verizon HTC One was originally supposed to be out sooner, remember we heard by the end of July, but wound up missing its original deadline.

Again, this is just a small little clue in a trail of them and it’s no guarantee that the Verizon HTC One release will arrive by July 30th. However, with no announced release date, potential clues are as good as it’s going to get for prospective Verizon HTC One buyers.

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