Verizon iPhone 4 Has Familiar Antenna Problems

Verizon may have sold more than 500,000 iPhones on day one, but the latest iPhone launch is deja-vu all over again. When the iPhone 4 launched on AT&T’s network last year, customers complained of activation problems and reception issues. Apple redesigned the iPhone 4’s antennas before unleashing it on Verizon’s network, but the exposed antennas are still vulnerable to the death grip.

As iLounge points out, holding the Verizon iPhone can cause bars to drop, download speeds to slow and uploads to halt all together. Early reviews of the Verizon iPhone 4 put its voice call quality well ahead of AT&T, but as with all networks, there will be times when users are on the edge of being able to place/not being able to place a call. iPhones without cases will be more vulnerable.

But wait, there’s more! iLounge explains that holding the Verizon iPhone with two hands in landscape mode can impact Wi-Fi reception.

Is this the end of the world? No, but Apple may have to again dole out free iPhone cases if this issue drums up to much noise.