Verizon iPhone 4S Boating Commercial Aims to Sink Sprint (Video)

It used to be that Verizon’s only selling point was its great coverage. Times have changed, now that Verizon has a host of high end Android phones and access to the iPhone 4S on launch, Verizon doesn’t need to rely solely on coverage.

But, that doesn’t mean our needs have changed, and it doesn’t mean that Verizon has forgotten how much we love good coverage for calls and data.

Sometimes, good coverage is even more important than tweeting and streaming Pandora, as this latest Verizon commercial illustrates. Below, you’ll see a humorous Verizon ad that shows six boaters bobbing in the water trying to call for help.

As it turns out, none of the Sprint iPhone 4S owners in the water can make a call, but luckily there is a Verizon owner along for the ride who calls in for help.

Whether or not you can really count on your cell phone, from any carrier, to save your sinking self when your ship capsizes will depend on your location, but cell phones have helped save several lives on lakes and coasts. Here are a few examples of how having cell phone coverage on the water has saved lives.

Obviously, keeping your iPhone dry would be an issue, so if you really plan on taking your phone out as a piece of rescue equipment, look at one like the g’zOne Commando or get a waterproof iPhone case.

It looks like Verizon phones and service are finally getting some worthwhile ads. Hopefully they keep it up.

Do you find the Verizon sinking boat commercial funny, or is it all wet?