Verizon Maintains Unlimited Prepaid Smartphone Data for $30 Per Month

If you’re a heavy data user and not quite the gabber when it comes to your smartphone, the good news is that a pre-paid plan may be worth the consideration as the carrier is still keeping its unlimited data plans for prepaid subscribers at $30 per month. Unfortunately, post-paid customers who subscribe on or after July 7th were ushered into the carrier’s new era of metered pricing.

Right now, though, Verizon Wireless is only offering a limited number of smartphones up for pre-paid customers. Also, of your limited selection, it seems that you’re limited to either Android or BlackBerry.

You’ll still need to subscribe to a voice plan, which starts at $45 per month, as well as SMS if you plan on doing a lot of texting. In the long-haul, going the pre-paid route, if Verizon’s your preferred carrier, may be cheaper than going post-paid if you consume copious amounts of data.

While the benefit of prepaid is that you will not have to sign for a lengthy two-year contract, customers who opt for this route will also have to pay for the full, unsubsidized retail price of their smartphones.

Via: Droid-Life