Verizon Reps Blame Samsung for Slow Galaxy Nexus Jelly Bean Update

It has been several weeks since the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update first started rolling out and several days since Sprint Galaxy Nexus owners started to see the update trickle out. The last Nexus device slated to get the Jelly Bean update is the Verizon Galaxy Nexus though Verizon remains silent about its release date and utterly confusing about its plans.

Over the weekend, I received an email from a reader who had a conversation with a Verizon representative about the Galaxy Nexus Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update. And while it doesn’t shed any light on the Jelly Bean update’s release date, it does show how poorly Verizon is handling the entire situation.

Instead of offering any release date information, an apology, or a short terse answer about how the company will provide details when it can, the company instead seems to be taking a different stance, one that points the finger at Samsung being the reason why the update is taking so long to roll out.

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Verizon has told Galaxy Nexus owners to ask Samsung about the Galaxy Nexus Jelly Bean update.

In response to an email regarding the unreleased Verizon Galaxy Nexus Jelly Bean update, here is what Verizon had to say:

Dear <name>,

I can certainly understand your desire to have the latest software version on your Samsung Galaxy Nexus. My name is [Redacted] and I would be happy to address your concerns as to why the software has not been pushed out.

All software updates for Android start with Google who then release it to the manufacturer. The manufacturer in this case being Samsung who would then test the software with their devices before releasing it to Verizon Wireless. I apologize this software has not been released and recommend that you contact Samsung for information related to a software available date 800-SAMSUNGĀ (800-726-7864).

In conclusion, I have addressed your inquiry on a software push for the Nexus and provided a contact number for Samsung. Again my name is [Redacted] and I make it my goal to provide exceptional service. Thank you for your loyalty and being the best part of Verizon Wireless, our customer.

Sadly, this is not the answer this Galaxy Nexus owner was looking for, especially after he said that he would not buy a Verizon smartphone again after this debacle. We don’t blame him.

One, the answer is uncalled for and a dead end for customers. Customer who do call Samsung will be given zero information and will likely be told to get into contact with Verizon, who as we see, will have nothing to say about the software or its release date.

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And two, this service rep’s information seems to be flat out wrong because we know that Verizon is now testing the Galaxy Nexus Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update right now. How do we know that? A leaked Jelly Bean test build from Verizon for the Galaxy Nexus leaked to the surface earlier this month.

So while Sprint Galaxy Nexus owners are enjoying Jelly Bean, Verizon Galaxy Nexus owners have to deal with an unclear situation, made even more unclear by its (likely misinformed) customer service representatives.

At this point, Verizon would be wise to step up to the plate and give Galaxy Nexus owners some concrete information about the device’s Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update because I don’t it’s winning anyone over with what it’s telling people right now.