Verizon Video Brings More On-Demand TV Content To Android Smartphones

Verizon Android smartphones users now have another on-demand video app available: Verizon Video. It’s basically VCast with new branding backed by RealNetworks. The service, which costs $3/day or $10/month, promises content from over 100 channels. Subscribers get access to over 250 episodes and live sporting events. Content is available from network and cable sources — ABC, CBS, Fox, Adult Swim, Comedy Central, BET — though it’s not clear if users will get episodes the next day or after a delay. Currently the Verizon Wireless server is throwing a lot of error pages.

Verizon Video for Android

The big draw may end up being the sports offerings such as Sunday Night Football and the NFL network. Verizon also promises local and national news. Beyond that the selection doesn’t appear to be that much different than Netflix.

There’s a long list of compatible Android and BlackBerry phones on Verizon’s website, with the Droid Incredible, HTC Merge, and Droid 3 making an appearance. The list is not exhaustive, though, as the HTC Thunderbolt is not yet there. Verizon says that all 4G LTE and some 3G phones have access.

Verizon Video QRTo get the app, scan the QR code or search for it in the Android Market. Then visit your MyVerizon Add/Remove Features page to sign up for the service. At just $3 for 24 hours, it’s probably worth trying out at least once. However, I wonder how many users are clamoring for on-demand video on their phones. When someone comes out with an app that lets me easily download my favorite shows I’ll get excited.