Verizon Wireless 4G LTE Data Outage Now Nationwide

Looks like the outage folks on the west coast suffered last night was not a blip. Verizon Wireless is suffering its second major outage of their data network in less than two weeks, affecting customers across the U. S.

Customers on the support forums and on Twitter have been reporting outages since last night, and folks on the east coast are waking up to a world without data. According to CNet, early this morning at least one commenter got a confirmation from a phone support tech around 6:30am eastern time that the outage is nationwide and there’s no ETA on when it will end. Verizon confirmed this to The Verge.

Not surprisingly, the carrier isn’t offering many details on the whys or hows, just assuring everyone that they’re working on it.

verizon wireless 4g lte outage

The outage is of the 4G network, though some users are having trouble connecting to 3G. However, it’s still possible to do so. On the Galaxy Nexus I switched the phone from LTE/CDMA mode to CDMA and, after about 10 minutes, the phone switched to 3G. On the Thunderbolt it took about that much time to get itself together on 3G, though it made a pitstop at 1X first. Neither phone is getting particularly fast 3G performance.

If your phone continues to insist there is no mobile network, try switching to 3G manually. If you have access to Wi-Fi, use that instead.

As Chuong pointed out, this still starting to have shades of BlackBerry, which can’t be good for Verizon’s rep.

How long has Verizon’s data service been down for you? Are you able to get on 3G?