Verizon Won’t Unlock Galaxy S III Bootloader

Verizon has confirmed, despite rumors to the contrary, that it will not be unlocking the Galaxy S III bootloader with a software update.

The carrier has confirmed the bad news to Droid-Life saying that it will not unlock the bootloader with a software update, something that was rumored to be the case over the weekend.

Customer service representatives from Verizon had said that a software update would unlock the Galaxy S III encrypted bootloader and make the phone ready for custom ROM flashing.

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That unfortunately won’t be happening says Verizon which means that the Samsung Galaxy S III Developer Edition will be the only way to get a Verizon Galaxy S III with an unlocked bootloader.

Verizon will not unlock the Galaxy S III bootloader.

The Galaxy S III Developer Edition still does not have a release date but it should be coming soon for a premium of $599.

Clearly, this is not the news those who ordered the Verizon Galaxy S III were hoping for, especially after seeing good news just a short time ago, but this is how Verizon is going to leave the Galaxy S III for better or worse.

Verizon has said that the reason they are locking the bootloader on the Galaxy S III is because an unlocked bootloader would allow users to modify their phone, something that might adversely affect its cellular network or not allow the carrier to provide good customer service.

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The Galaxy S III is only one of several devices that Verizon has locked down.

However, the Galaxy S III devices on AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and U.S. Cellular all possess unlocked bootloaders which puts Verizon’s Galaxy S III at a distinct disadvantage.

How do you guys feel about this? Another poor move on Verizon’s part?