Verizon’s Summer and Fall 2012 Roadmap Leaked

A new Verizon leak hints at some of the phones we can expect from the carrier in the summer and fall of 2012, including the Galaxy S III, a new Galaxy Note competitor, and the iPhone 5.

According to sources talking to BGR we can expect to see a lot more Android on Verizon in the next few months. Leading the group is the Samsung Galaxy S III. Verizon passed on the S II last year, instead focusing on the Galaxy Nexus, but this year is different. The Galaxy S III will likely land on Verizon sometime this summer.

The Galaxy Note competitor mentioned will come from HTC. According to the anonymous source the phone will feature a 5-inch 1080p non-PenTile display, a quad-core Krait CPU, HTC Sense 5, and a Scribe pen like the HTC Flyer. We don’t know anything else about the device so far, but if it is true it might explain why we haven’t heard of a One X variant coming to Verizon.

Verizon Wireless

The leak also says we’ll see “multiple” Motorola RAZR models on Verizon over the next few months. At least one of those models will include a larger, clearer display and might be the RAZR HD we’ve heard about.

Finally, the source points to a fall release of the iPhone 5, but didn’t go into any detail on the device. From the rumors we’ve seen so far, 4G LTE compatibility seems certain. There’s also reports of a larger 4-inch display with a unibody design. For everything we think we know about the next iPhone check out our iPhone 5 rumor roundup.

Despite a commitment to Windows Phone from Verizon CFO Fran Shammo last week, the roadmap did not detail any posible Windows Phone devices.

This is only a partial list, Verizon will surely have more smartphones over the next few months. This limited lineup is just a collection of some high-end phones we can expect from Verizon in the next few months.