Video of Pantip Plaza in Bangkok

Nicole Scott’s video over at Netbook News brought back a rush of memories of my senior year abroad. In the below video she gives a quick overview of some of the netbooks she found at Pantip Plaza.

Pantip Plazais a geek’s dream come true. There are countless computer and gadget stores stacked upon each other. On the ground floor is a software bazaar. For about 100 baht ($3 US) per disc you can get a copy of any application you can name. On the upper floors are smaller stores that are family run.

I had the time of my life in Thailand my senior year. I loved it so much I went back a couple of times, including once for my honeymoon.

Mobile tech was a heck of a lot different when I went to Thailand back in 2001. In order to shoot photos for an upcoming exhibit and send photos back home I packed a monstrosity of a digital darkroom. I brought a Minolta Maxxum SLR, PowerBook G4 and a Polaroid 35mm scanner. I kept a list of AOL dial-up numbers with me at all times.

I remember how magical it felt to transmit images half way around the world within hours of shooting them. Of course, these days anyone can do that, but back then it took some serious effort. It makes me wonder what kind of gear I’ll carry on trips in another eight years.

My Minolta died half way through the trip and I went to Pantip Plaza to buy a replacement. I made several trips back and still didn’t make it through the entire place. Believe it or not, it’s much bigger than it appears in Nicole’s video.