Video: Two minutes with the ContourHD 1080p camcorder

During my recent trip to Philadelphia, my friend Lawrence, owner of IntecRacing, an auto accessory retailer that fields their own car in U.S drift racing, showed me one of the cameras they mount on their car, the ContourHD.

VholdR, the company that makes the ContourHD is a sponsor of IntecRacing. Capable of shooting 1080p, the compact rugged camera is intended for mounting on a helmet or googles during sporting activities. Multiple cameras are mounted on and inside their car to capture the action.

I shot a short video of the ContourHD (with my Droid), looking at the operation. Incredibly compact and rugged (has to be to work from a helmet or on the outside of a race car). Below that is a video from IntecRacing that includes clips taken on and inside their car using the ContourHD. Very cool gadget if you want to record your outdoor adventures (or your mundane life) in full HD.