Viliv N5 On Sale at Dynamism Soon

Dynamism is almost reader to take Viliv N5 pre-orders. The Viliv N5 is a tiny PC that can fit in a coat pocket. It has a 4.8″  touch screen, miniaturatized QWERTY keyboard, SSD, GPS, 1GB of RAM and optional 3G HSPA modem. It weighs in at just .85 lb and is a hair under 1″ thick. It runs on Windows 7 and can run a wide array of PC applications. The Viliv N5 is rated to run for up to six hours on a single charge and can survive on standby for up to 150 hours.

The Viliv N5 can wake up almost instantly, something that’s crucial for pocket-sized devices.

The QWERTY keyboard does seem a little out of place amongst all the slates we’re seeing these days, but some communicators will appreciate it. The Viliv N5’s display seems to hinge back pretty far, offering a decent angle for thumb typing while keeping the display visible. That might sound like common sense, but we’ve seen some devices that don’t open wide enough, forcing users to contort their wrists into awkward angles when typing.

I haven’t had a chance to play with the Viliv N5 yet, but I was very pleased with the build quality of the Viliv S5 from last year. It had enough horsepower to run Dragon Naturally Speaking and MS Office applications.

Visit Dynamism for more information and to signup for email alerts if you’re interested in the pre-launch event.