Virgin Mobile USA iPhone 5 in the Works

According to a new report, the iPhone 5 will indeed be heading to pre-paid carrier Virgin Mobile though it’s unclear as to when Apple’s new iPhone might be released onto its network.

MacRumors is reporting that the iPhone 5, which recently launched on carriers like Cricket, nTelos and C-Spire Wireless will be launching on Virgin Mobile at some point in the future though the release date is currently unclear.

Virgin Mobile currently carries Apple’s iPhone 4S and many expected the carrier to launch the new iPhone as well. However, thus far, the carrier has yet to announce any plans officially.

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Apple’s iPhone 5 will apparently launch on Virgin Mobile.

It appears that Virgin Mobile will carry all six variants of the new iPhone which includes 16GB, 32GB and 64GB iPhone 5’s in both white and black.

Despite not having a 4G LTE network in place, the carrier is an extremely attractive option for consumers as it not only offers the phone off-contract but its data plans start at just $30 per month. For those that don’t wish to tie themselves down to a specific carrier with the iPhone 5, a Virgin Mobile iPhone 5 would certainly be an option to look at.

Pricing of Virgin Mobile’s iPhone 5 is currently unknown however the carrier offered the iPhone 4S for $649.99 and it’s possible that it will offer the iPhone 5 at the same price. An unlocked iPhone 5 16GB through Apple costs the same.

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The iPhone 5 that heads to Virgin Mobile will be the same model that launched in the U.S. already. However, it won’t feature super fast 4G LTE speeds because the carrier does not have a network in place. Virgin Mobile’s fastest network is 4G WiMax but the iPhone 5 does not support that network.

We imagine that Virgin Mobile USA’s iPhone 5 could go on sale as soon as Apple starts selling the unlocked models, something that typically happens a few weeks after its initial launch.