Virgin Mobile USA to Launch Broadband2Go with No Contract

vm_mc760 This will probably make sense to a lot of folks who hate getting tied down to a contract for wireless broadband. Virgin Mobile USA is launching its Broadband2Go service that can keep you contract free and allow you to pay as you go. Using Sprint’s EVDO service users can purchase a Novatel Ovation MC760 USB dongle for $150. You can then purchase Pay-As-You-Go cards in increments of 100MB, 250MB, 500MB, and 1GB. Pricing for those increments start at $10 for 100MB and go to $60 for 1GB.

There is a catch though and that has to do with time. For the 100MB increment you have to use it within 10 days. At 250MB to 1GB you get 30 days.

This is obviously targeted at the occasional traveler who needs to hook up and catch up while on the move and isn’t interested in adding carrier plans to their monthly bills.

Look for this to be available at Best Buy in late June.

Via MobileCrunch