Wacom Announces Capacitive Touch Plans

We’ve been waiting for official word on Wacom’s plans for capacitive touch for quite some time and it looks like we’ve got that some inclination of where they are going now. According to this press release from Tokyo, Wacom is now announcing that they will deliver capacitive touchscreens in 2009. Quoting from the press release:

The new product line, based on Wacom’s patent pending Reversing Ramped Field Capacitive (RRFC) technology that was first shown at the International Society for Information Display Exhibition in May, 2008, will be marketed under the name CapPLUS, and will provide new levels of durability and performance to desktop monitor and vertical market equipment OEMs: including producers of casino and bar games, retail, lotteryand hospitality point-of-sale terminals, digital signage, self-service kiosks of all types, hospital patient monitoring and bedside multimedia stations, and industrial process automation equipment and all-in-one panel PCs.

CapPLUS will provide a very competitive stand-alone solution for all touchscreen-based devices or can be paired with Wacom’s market-leading EMR pen-input technology and other input solutions to enable new user experiences.

Now, the next step is to hear how and when we’ll see this technology begin to be implemented in Tablet PCs and other mobile touch screen devices.

Check out the full press release here.

Via TabletPCReview.com