Walmart Black Friday 1 Hour Guarantee Problems & Fixes

Walmart Black Friday 1 Hour guarantee problems started on Thanksgiving soon after shoppers lined up for a 50-inch HDTV. cheap iPad mini and huge 65-inch Vizio HDTV.

For many shoppers Twitter is a place to voice frustrations about 1 Hour guarantee problems during the start of the Walmart Black Friday 2014 sales. These problems ranged from employees not known exactly how the program works, broken merchandise and the most common problem — online registration issues.

While some users attempt to register online, they found the Walmart 1 Hour guarantee webpage missing or that their receipt was not valid.

What to do if you run into Walmart Black Friday 1 Hour guarantee problems.

What to do if you run into Walmart Black Friday 1 Hour guarantee problems.

Here is a list of complaints and Walmart 1 Hour guarantee problems, plus where you can go to get help without going back to the store.

Walmart 1 Hour Guarantee Problems

Here are common complaints on Walmart 1 Hour guarantee problems like receipt not valid, errors like the page is missing or may have been retired, and then what you can do to get help so that you make sure you get the HDTV, iPad mini or other deal that you paid for.

Walmart 1 Hour Guarantee Fixes

If you are experiencing these problems there are a few things you can do, if you already have your Ticket and number. Here is what you need to try to make sure you lock in the deal you paid for. Even if you have trouble, you’ll still have the money you paid, so you can’t lose your cash and if you have a ticket and receipt, you shouldn’t lose your number.

If you run into Walmart 1 Hour guarantee problems, you can reach out to Walmart for help without going back to the store, but the best thing to do is to wait and try the website again later.

We saw a similar number of problems last year during the first part of the day, but Walmart was able to address the website problems quickly so that users could resume registration. You have until 11:59 PM Monday December 1st Central to register.

Waiting until Friday morning or afternoon offers enough time to reach out to Walmart if the problems continue. The Walmart 1 Hour guarantee website may simply be overloaded.

For users who get an error message that their code is not valid, it is possible to email Walmart for help. You can email your problem including a copy or picture of your receipt to and you’ll hear back from a dedicated support team.

This team can help you fix many of the problems that users experience, and time for the rush to die down will also make it easier to register for  your item s that  you can pick it up by Christmas.

Of  course you may experience second thoughts, and if you bought a cheap Walmart Black Friday Android tablet or Straight Talk smartphone you’ll want to check out our breakdown below to see if it is even worth buying.

Walmart Black Friday: Are 1 Hour Guarantee Items Worth Buying?

iPad Mini Black Friday Deal at Walmart

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iPad Mini Black Friday Deal at Walmart

The Walmart iPad mini deal may not be the deepest discount, but it is tied with Target for the best iPad mini Black Friday deal of the year. Walmart chops $50 off the price of the iPad mini and includes a $30 gift card that you can use on a future purchase. This combines for $80 in savings and essentially means you'll get an iPad mini for $169 after you factor in all the savings. That's a steal, even for the older version of the iPad without a Retina display.

Check out our Best iPad Black Friday deal breakdown to see how this compares to an iPad mini 2 and other iPads. 

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