Walmart Black Friday One Hour Guarantee Extended

The Walmart Black Friday One Hour Guarantee is now extended until Wednesday, allowing shoppers who experienced errors registering their Access Code on the website this weekend more time to get through.

The Walmart Black Friday 2013 ad included 21 items that the retailer promised would be in stock. If the item sold out, Walmart sold an access code to claim the item online and get it delivered to a local Walmart by Christmas.

This includes a 60-inch HDTV and the iPad mini deal which included a $100 gift card — leaving many shoppers frustrated — but the retailer is making good on the promise with a longer deadline.

The Walmart Black Friday One hour guarantee deadline is extended.

The Walmart Black Friday One hour guarantee deadline is extended.

Soon after the Walmart Black Friday event ended users complained on Twitter that they could not register for the item online. We reached out to Walmart and the retailer announced this afternoon that it is extending the one hour guarantee to help shoppers out.

In a statement emailed to Gotta Be Mobile, Danit Marquardt, a Walmart spokesperson shared the details,

“We apologize to our customers who have experienced difficulties in redeeming their 1-Hour Guarantee purchases on our website. We have addressed the issues and have extended the online registration period for the 1-Hour Guarantee until 11:59 p.m. Central time on Wednesday, Dec. 4.”

This is a very good move for shoppers who need additional time to register their access code, and it should still mean delivery by Christmas, as was originally guaranteed in the Black Friday ad.

Shoppers will still need to go to the guarantee website and complete the registration to complete the process and sign up for an in store delivery. If you are registering the Walmart Black Friday iPad mini deal, the following details are important to make sure you get the gift card,

“After you place your iPad order, you will receive several emails. Emails coming from “” ( will show status on the order processing for your iPad. Email coming from will contain your electronic gift card and will be sent shortly after your iPad has shipped. Please be sure to check your spam folders to make sure you don’t miss these emails!”

The electronic gift card can be used in stores. Shoppers should still try to register as soon as possible to make sure they have adequate time to troubleshoot any issues. Those with any other issues can contact Walmart directly at 1-877-745-0190.