Watch the Microsoft Surface Tablet Announcement (Video)

Late Monday Microsoft announced a new hardware venture, the Surface tablet.

Microsoft will begin making two new Windows tablets, a Windows RT Surface tablet running an ARM processor priced in line with other ARM tablets.

The second tablet, and arguably the more attractive tablet will run Windows 8, is powered by Intel and it includes a pen for digital inking.

Microsoft held the mysterious Surface event in Los Angeles, and readers who want to see the announcement themselves can watch the full Microsoft Surface announcement in the video below.

The video shows a history of Microsoft’s hardware ventures and eventually gets tot he point around 11 minutes in. Skip ahead to the 12-minute mark for a closer look at the Microsoft Surface tablet.

Surface with Type Cover

The Microsoft Surface tablets can pair up with two new accessories, the Touch Cover and the Type Cover. The Touch Cover is a thin keyboard that clasps to the Surface like an iPad smart cover, but it comes with a touch keyboard inside. The Type cover includes tactile keys that mimic a real keyboard.

Check out the Microsoft Surface video below for a closer look at the tablet.

Of course there are still a lot of questions remaining. Microsoft has not announced the exact launch dates of the Surface tablets or any concrete pricing. The lack of definitive information may appease Windows 8 partners, but it will do little to keep users excited.

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Microsoft may as well have held this event in 3 months when they could start taking pre-orders for the Surface.