Wearable Computing Becomes Reality (for This Guy)

Image courtesy UMPCPortal

Image courtesy UMPCPortal

One of my  fellow kama’ainas  back home in the 808 (that’s Hawai’i to the rest of you) has put together a wearable computing rig powered by a Sony UX380N. Brian Kuriyama, who goes by the screen name Seven of Nine  fiveseven808 (your name’s on your Twitter, brah), put together this sweet system from the following components and shared his secrets with UMPCPortal.

Main system:

  • Battery geek: BG 14-18-60External battery (60wh)
  • Sony UX380N
    • VGA/TV/LAN Dongle
  • Motorola iDen i425 (for next-to-nothing (but half dial up speed) always-on internet access)


  • Modified MyVu Crystal Head Mounted Display
  • Bluetooth enabled cellphone (text and mouse input)
  • Bluetooth stereo headset (voice input and stereo output)
  • ThinkOutside Stowaway Bluetooth Keyboard
  • Logitech Bluetooth Mouse
  • Bluetooth Frogpad (text input)

Basically, video outputs to the MyVu, which he has mounted on his eyeglasses  like a heads-up display, and he can  input data  through multiple devices, such as text either through his ThinkOutside QWERTY keyboard or the one-handed Frogpad.  On top  of that, he’s  loaded with an extra battery pack and always-on connectivity.  Very cool stuff.

Unfortunately, his Sony UX took a turn for the worse, which is the computer in  his wearable computing rig. However, given that unit is a few years old and is outpaced by today’s netbooks, I would view this as an opportunity to upgrade. Looking forward to seeing what he picks to replace it.