Weekend Discussion: What Office Software Do You Use

We are fortunate to live in a time where there are many options to help improve how we work, help us save money, and be productive and mobile at the same time.

One of those many options are in the office application space: document creation, editing, managing, collaborating, and more. What office application suite do you primarily use and why? How would you improve the mobile aspect of that office application suite? Do you use something different for work vs home?

Personally speaking, I use Micosoft Office 2007 for all of my document management needs. I’ve found the cloud versions of Google Docs /Sheets / Zoho to be lacking, especially with offline document managent, and will likely not revisit those solutions until the experience is a seamless as their client-based competitors. I have been experimenting with Open Office 3.0 lately and have found it to be a very compelling multi-platform offering, and am becoming more impressed with it each day. With Live Mesh / SugarSync, I have found Open Office / Microsoft Office to provide exactly what I need from a mobility / sync perspective.