What do you use voice recognition for?

I just unboxed MacSpeech Dictate and posted a a quick review. I was wondering how many members of the GBM community use their voices to interact with their computers. voice recognition is nothing entirely new, but asking significant improvement over the past couple of years.

I currently have Dragon naturally speaking loaded onto my HP 2730P and I’m going to try it out on mY Viliv S5, which really isn’t designed to use as a content creation device. It is difficult to log write long documents, e-mails or articles with an on-screen keyboard, but if I can get Dragon NaturallySpeaking to work on the Viliv S5 with my JawBone 2 headset I’ll be able to use the device for “real work.”

I just used MacSpeech Dictate to have a long Skype text chat with the Sascha from netbooknews.com, to write a review and to write this quick blog post. have you tried any form of voice-recognition? If so do you actually use it on a river regular basis? I work alone, and I can’t imagine how annoying it would be to have a coworker using voice recognition all day in the cube next to you.