What Galaxy Note 5 Color to Buy: Silver, Gold, Black or White?

Shoppers are already asking, “Which Samsung Galaxy Note 5 color should I buy?” as the Note 5 pre-orders kick off and consumers are trying to decide which color to pre-order.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is available in Silver, Sapphire Black, White Pearl and Gold Platinum. We may see other Note 5 color options arrive in the coming months as Samsung and carriers add different colors to the line up.

For customers in the U.S. the only two Galaxy Note 5 colors are black or white. The gold and silver Galaxy Note 5 may come to U.S. carriers in the near future. Unlike the iPhone release we often see Samsung add new colors to carriers after a few months.

Which Galaxy Note 5 color to buy?

Which Galaxy Note 5 color to buy?

Samsung delivers a major upgrade from the Galaxy Note 4 to the Galaxy Note 5 with a new premium glass and metal design. This is similar to the Galaxy S6 design we saw earlier this year. The back of the Note 5 features the color you choose under a glass panel with curved back edges. There is no option to remove the back of the Note 5 to replace the color with one you choose.

There are still a lot of Galaxy Note 5 case options that can add color and style to the phone after you pick your Galaxy Note 5 color.

Here is our advice on what Samsung Galaxy Note 5 colors to buy based on how you plan to use the Note 5 and if you plan to use a case.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Colors Entertainment & Style

Black bezels are better for entertainment.

Black bezels are better for entertainment.

The easiest way to choose the best Galaxy Note 5 color for yourself is to decide if you are going to watch a lot of movies and TV shows on the big screen. There is a reason that the bezels on HDTVs and monitors are black.

The Sapphire Black finish is black, but also looks a little blueish at times. The front panel is black, and even though the bezels are very thin a black bezel delivers a better entertainment experience. There is nothing to prevent you from watching movies on the large 5.7-inch screen with a white bezel, but you should expect a better overall look with black.

A white Galaxy Note 5 offers a clean and standout look that is the most stylish option if you plan to add a case to the phone. When a silver or gold Galaxy Note 5 release arrives in the U.S. that will be the biggest stand out color. After looking at the gold Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, Samsung’s gold color choice is stylish and a bold choice for users.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Color Options

Look at the Galaxy Note 5 gallery below to see the different Galaxy Note 5 color options. As we mentioned, black and white are the only options available in the U.S., but a U.S. Gold Galaxy Note 5 release date is likely at some time.

Galaxy Note 5 Color Scratches & Wear

Samsung chose to use a similar design to the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge which are now several months old. One concern about the glass back was that it would scratch, but that is not an issue on our devices. After several months of use there are no odd wear patterns or additional scratches on the Galaxy S6, which leads us to believe that there is not an issue with the Note 5 either.

Galaxy Note 5 Cases

Keep in mind what color Galaxy Note 5 case you plan to buy.

Keep in mind what color Galaxy Note 5 case you plan to buy.

If you plan to use one of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 cases you will cover up the back of the Note 5 completely so the thin bezels will be almost all that you see. There are a variety of official and third-party Galaxy Note 5 cases that you can choose from to add other colors to your Note 5 choices.

Which Galaxy Note 5 Color Should I Buy?

When you buy your new phone the best Galaxy Note 5 color is the one that you like the best. There is no clear winner in terms of longevity and the thin bezels make the entertainment component less important overall. Here’s a bottom line to picking your Galaxy Note 5 color.

  • Black Galaxy Note 5 – Buy this if you love watching videos on your phone and you want a device that looks black sometimes and blue others.
  • White Galaxy Note 5 – Buy this if you like a clean white look that carries over from front to back and doesn’t change based on the light to the same degree as black.
  • Gold Galaxy Note 5 – Buy this if you are willing to wait for this color to arrive.
  • Silver Galaxy Note 5 – Buy this if you are willing to wait for this color to arrive

In a poll of over 5,000 Gotta Be Mobile readers, 43% chose the Gold Platinum Galaxy S6, 32% Black Sapphire and 25% White Pearl.