What’s In A Name? Loren Heiny Wonders

rose Loren Heiny is wondering what Tablet PCs would be called if they were released today. NetTablet? NetWriter? Hmm? I’m not sure, nor am I sure if it would make any difference. Remember for awhile it seemed that Netbooks were called just about anything from Mini-Notebooks to UMPCs and that created some confusion, at least in my mind.

Loren wonders if there would be more success if they launched today with something that sounded Netbookish about them as he correctly points out that naming conventions do follow trends. I’m guessing the name wouldn’t make much difference as to acceptance, regardless of the convention. That said, I’m also thinking about just how much of an impact Netbooks have had on all segments of the mobile market for Loren to be pondering the way he is.