What’s Making Your Christmas List?

In no way am I trying to push some sort of Christmas creep here, but this is the time of year that geeks everywhere start scheming and plotting to make sure the gadgets they want end up under the Christmas tree on December 25. Don’t deny it, you know I’m talking to you.

Gadget sites see search results for reviews and commentary start to spike as folks do research and comparison shopping, and then send links to family members.

This has certainly been a crazy year when it comes to gadgets and devices. The iPad continues to dominate as does talk of other Tablet/Slates, along with the news about phones. That doesn’t look like it is going to subside any time soon. Companies making laptops and netbooks are still making them, but the excitement and juice certainly seems to be on other fronts. But what gadgets are dancing around in your dreams?

Yes, I’m curious. What are GBM readers thinking about for their gadget Christmas Wish Lists? Is it a Tablet/Slate? A new phone? A new laptop? Netbook? Desktop? Accessories? Whatever it is, let us know in the comments. I’m not only curious as to what you are interested in, but to see if there are any trends here among our readers. So, sound off in the comments.

Heck, it might even become the place to point to when you’re spreading your Christmas list around.