What’s the GBM Temperature on the Palm Pre?

palm-pre-webos We haven’t covered much about all the hype of the Palm Pre here on GBM. Some of that is due to the fact that most of the team uses an iPhone and while we report on the devices we use, we don’t really cover the phone market beyond that. That said, the coverage of the Pam Pre is heating up quite a bit as rumors begin to swirl that the release may coming next month.

So, here’s a question for GBM readers. How many of you are thinking about the Palm Pre as your next phone? What attracts you to it if there is an attraction? It is certainly an intriguing touch screen device and the Touchstone technology for charging without a cable is very interesting. There is still a lot not known about this device (price being one of those things) but I’m curious as to what your thinking might be.

Sound off in the comments and let us know.

tnkgrl has a 45 minute long demo of the pitch currently being offered by Palm reps if you want to take a look.