What’s Your Mobile Backup Strategy?

With news that Seagate is releasing what looks like a ridiculously slim USB hard drive (and our contest to win one of these Seagate GoFlex Slim drives) it got my gadget lust genes pumping and me salivating a little bit. Who doesn’t want something that small to use for a backup drive?

Coming back to earth (I am doing my taxes this week after all) and it made me question whether or not the portable HD I tote around with me is actually worth the toting, given the myriad of online backup options you can avail yourself of. But I follow the new rule of thumb and have important data backed up on both portable media and in the cloud, although the portable HD carries more data than I send up to the cloud.

So, as always I’m curious. What’s your mobile back up strategy? Portable media? The Cloud? A combination? Tell us in the comments and/or in the poll below.

And make sure you enter into the contest to pick up one of those pencil thin Seagate drives.