Why I Never Sell My Old iPad and Still Buy New Every Year

The annual selling of the old iPad and buying of the new iPad has turned into a tradition for many tech enthusiasts, including our editor Josh Smith.

He told you that it makes financial sense to sell and buy a new iPad each year because this practice costs him only $11-$27 per month for the use of one of the coolest consumer tech devices available today.

You can get decent iPad 2 trade in deals and it makes sense for people who don’t have family or don’t have family that wants their tech toys when they’re done. Since I’m a father of two and married, selling my old iPad makes no sense at all. Instead, I just hand it down.

My wife and two sons like my practice of handing down tech. Two years ago my wife received my Kindle 2 when I bought the first iPad. She wore it out, literally! When iPad 2 came along, she got the first iPad and uses it occasionally sharing it with my sons.

This year, I’m going upgrade to the iPad 3, or iPad HD as it might be called, for a few reasons, a better display, faster internals, hopefully 4G and Siri. Since my wife doesn’t really care about the latest greatest hardware, this time around, I’m likely going to let her hang onto the original iPad and let my boys share my iPad 2. With 64GB, they’ll stock it full of videos, music and games and really enjoy it.

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This fall my oldest son starts college. That’s a great time to have an iPad, so he’ll use it during the day at school and his brother will get it at night. The oldest will go to school locally and live with us, so this will work out well. Next year, we will have four iPads in the house because of this practice, one for each family member.

IPad, iPhone and MacBook

We do this with smartphones as well. I get to buy a new one every year since at least one member of the family has upgrade eligibility and whoever has the oldest phone gets my hand-me-down.

If you have a family like mine, full of people who like tech but don’t love it like we do, then don’t sell your old tech. Hand it down.

My iPad 2 works perfectly. My iPhone 4 functions without issue. So does my MacBook Air, which I’ll be replacing soon. These tech toys last for years and we use them for years saving us money while I still get to enjoy the latest greatest. Everyone’s happy.

Even if you don’t have family to whom you can give your old gear, consider giving it to charity for a tax write-off and for good cheer. Plenty of local groups can make use of these still-working tech toys to help them in their cause.

Image via Yutaka Tsutano on Flickr