Why is the Google Bar Black?

If you look at a Google.com today you’ll notice a new black bar that spans the top of the page. The menu bar isn’t new, but the change in color may be drawing you to the Google menu bar for the first time.

Google Black bar

Why is the Google Bar Black?

Google has just launched Google+, a new social project for many users, which will be using an enhanced black toolbar when it rolls out to all users. It seems that Google has updated the toolbar to black on all Google sites, except Gmail, to prepare users for the new look.

You can see more about what the new toolbar will do in this short Google+ video, or head over to our look at Google+ to learn more about Google’s latest take on social.

When you get access to Google+ the new toolbar will allow you to access new tools including your circle of friends, video hangouts, your Instant Uploads from your Android camera and the social network style Google+ page which will allow you to connect and share with your different groups of friends.

More than Google+

In addition to preparing the masses for Google+, the new color fo the Google toolbar is meant to call attention to the many services Google offers in addition to search and email. Most notably, the color change will draw users’ attention to services like Google Docs, Google Reader News, Shopping and more. Surprisingly, there are a large number of users that don’t know about these handy free apps and services.

Ultimately, the switch to the new Google+ look has the chance to attract the attention of many users to Google’s other services. The more users are attracted to this service, the more likely Google will be to deliver additional features and enhancements to these great tools.

Can you Change the Color of the Google Bar?

UPDATE: Here’s how to turn the black Google Bar back to white or hide it from the homepage. Thanks for the tips in the comments.

For now, you can’t change the color of the Google Bar or Google+ bar. We’re guessing that most users won’t care what color this bar is, but we certainly understand the desire to change the color so that the Google bar is the same color throughout the Google experience.