Why the iPhone 5 is Even More Anticipated Than the iPhone 4

A couple of days ago, we brought your attention to the results of a survey that exclaimed that the upcoming iPhone 5, or whatever Apple is going to call it, is even more anticipated than the iPhone 4 was last year.

The survey was conducted by investment bank RBC Capital Markets and it asked 2,200 people in early August whether or not they would be purchasing the next iPhone and 31% of those interviewed stated that they would either be likely or somewhat likely to buy the iPhone 5.

RBC asked the same question about the iPhone 4 back in 2010, before its launch, and found that 25% of respondents wanted one. So, why the sharp increase? Why is the iPhone 5 even more anticipated than the phone that turned out to be the best selling smartphone ever made?

iPhone 4

Here are some theories.

Emergence of LTE

You may have heard. There is a new, next-generation network out called 4G LTE. Data speeds absolutely trounce those of regular 3G service and those who regularly use their smartphone for data consumption are over the moon not only with the network’s quickness but are also curious about pairing LTE up with the most iconic smartphone of all time, the iPhone.

Currently, Verizon is the only major U.S. provider that has a 4G LTE network in place. AT&T launches its network on Sunday in five cities across the United States and MetroPCS’ network is more like a glorified 3G network.

But because AT&T’s network is so new, I have a hard time believing that Apple is going to be releasing a 4G LTE iPhone this year. That being said, it’s certainly still possible that Apple might surprise and there are tons of people holding onto the hope that the iPhone 5 has true 4G capabilities.

Droid BionicExpectations Are Higher Than Ever

2011 has seen Android rise to prominence as a smartphone superpower. Almost every month we see the launch of at least one, powerful Android-powered device with incredible specifications. And that means there is quite a bit of pressure on Apple to keep pace with the competition.  Consumers expect Apple’s next iPhone to be on par, hardware-wise, with the best Android devices and Apple generally doesn’t  disappoint its customers.

In addition, Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7.5 operating system has all the makings of a serious contender. It’s a gorgeous operating system that will now have a gorgeous hardware option in the form of Nokia’s Sea Ray.

Consumers have always expected big things from Apple but now that the competition has finally caught up, I think the expectations and thus, the anticipation, have increased dramatically.

Missed June Launch

Oh, and if you forgot, Apple neglected to launch an iPhone at this year’s WWDC in San Francisco instead choosing to focus on software. That means that we’ve had an extremely large gap between iPhone releases. The iPhone 4 was released well over a year ago.

This means that iPhone 3GS users, who bought the phone at launch, have had to wait awhile to see if they want to upgrade to another iPhone. It means that those off-contract have had to wait in order to weigh their options. It means that those who upgrade every year have had to hold off.

The excitement had been brewing months before June and I can’t even imagine how some people must be feeling now that we’re in September.

iOS 5

iOS 5

Like I said, WWDC 2011 was all about software. We saw the introduction of Mac OS X Lion, the unveiling of iCloud and also, the first appearance of iOS 5, an operating system that is packing some highly anticipated features. In fact, the new OS have over 200 new features including a Notifications Center, iMessage, Reminders, OTA updates, and a whole lot more.

It’s an exciting piece of software. maybe the most exciting piece of Apple software ever, and many people out there are hoping to pair with a new piece of hardware that will hold them over for the next two or so years.

Are you waiting for the iPhone 5? And what’s it going to take from Apple to get you to buy one over an Android or Windows Phone Mango device?