Why the Verizon iPhone Might NOT be Your Best Choice

The Verizon iPhone is now available for pre orders and early Verizon iPhone reviews are already in with loads of praise being piled on the iPhone now that it has a network which actually allows users to make phone calls, but even with the positive reviews not everyone should run out and buy a Verizon iPhone just yet.

Why not you ask? Well, there are several reasons which we will cover below. Keep in mind that for some users the iPhone n Verizon’s network will be a great fit, but for others it will be better to stick with AT&T or look at an Android device. The best news is that there is now a choice in carriers for the iPhone and that Android offers enough competition to make itself a viable rival.

Data or Voice, Your Choice: One of the biggest distinctions between the iPhone on Verizon and the iPhone on AT&T is that the Verizon iPhone won’t be able to let users use data, such as surfing the web, and talk at the same time. This is a limitation of Verizon’s current CDMA network technology which won’t be addressed until there is a 4G LTE iPhone on Verizon.

No LTE Support: Verizon’s newest 4G network won’t work with the current iPhone, even though it is the selling point for many Verizon Android phones that are coming soon. The Verizon 4G network delivers much faster download speeds and will allows phones to use voice and data att he same time. If Speed and simultaneous voice and data are important take a look at the HTC Thunderbolt.

Slower Data Speeds: We’ve heard AT&T claiming that they have the fastest 3G network in the U.S. and it appears they may not be exaggerating. Many of the Verizon iPhone 4 reviews pointed out that when the AT&T iPhone had a connection it achieved faster upload and download speeds than the Verizon iPhone.

Old iPhone Technology: In technology terms the Verizon iPhone is old. THe device is essentially the same as the iPhone 4 that was announced last July.

New iPhone Coming this Summer: It’s all but destined that Apple will release a new iPhone this summer and there are rumors that the iPhone 5 will use technology that allows it to work on either Verizon or AT&T. If you can manage to wait a few months you may be rewarded with a new phone, new features and a new design.

Not Great for Global Travelers: With the AT&T iPhone, getting connected while global wasn’t too hard. You just needed a SIM card from a compatible carrier and you were good to go. With the Verizon iPhone you’re using network technology that isn’t as popular outside of the states so you may need a second phone or need to settle with less connectivity when you travel outside of the U.S.

If you do decide to order a Verizon iPhone you may want to call in and pre-order since the Verizon website is struggling to met the demand.