Why You Shouldn’t Wait for the iPhone 5S

Apple is rumored to be launching a new iPhone this year to replace the iPhone 5, a device presumably called the iPhone 5S, and while there are plenty of reasons to wait for the iPhone 5S launch, there are also several reasons why smartphone shoppers should consider skipping the wait for the iPhone 5S release.

At WWDC 2013, Apple showed of its new iOS 7 software, a piece of software that will be coming to not only iPhone 5 owners, but likely to owners a new iPhone that should launch alongside the new mobile operating system.

While Apple has yet to confirm anything, rumors, speculation and history suggest that Apple will announce a new iPhone model this fall with the leading candidate being the iPhone 5S, an incremental update to the iPhone 5.

The iPhone 5S is expected to replace the iPhone 5 later this year.

The iPhone 5S is expected to replace the iPhone 5 later this year.

Rumors have persisted over the past few months and while the picture of the iPhone 5S isn’t clear, there are some likelihoods. The iPhone 5S is expected to feature a design similar to the iPhone 5. That means a form factor comprised of an anodized aluminum back, metal around the edges and glass on the top and bottom. However, like Apple’s ‘S’ series of smartphones, the iPhone 5S is also likely to feature some significant upgrades.

iPhone 5S rumors suggest a smartphone with an improved processor, a faster camera, and perhaps a feature unique to the iPhone 5S in the form of a fingerprint scanner for added security.

Needless to say, the iPhone 5S is shaping up to be an attractive device and one that for some, is worth waiting for. However, while the iPhone 5S certainly gives cause for waiting, there are also a number of reasons why consumers shouldn’t wait for the iPhone 5S.

You Can’t Wait

There are rumors out there that suggest that Apple is investigating iPhones with larger displays, perhaps for release later on this year. However, Apple is also known to explore several different prototypes before deciding on a final design. Given the past, which has Apple utilizing a design for two years, and given that iPhone 5S rumors peg it as having the same screen size, the chances of a larger screen iPhone in 2013 are slim. Instead, what’s more likely is that Apple will release a larger screen iPhone 6 in 2014.

Of course, screen size is just one of the variables that consumers are interested in. There’s also a higher resolution display to think about, something that the iPhone 5S likely won’t have. And there’s also the fact that the iPhone 5S, like the iPhone 5, and all of the other iPhones before them will come with a closed operating system. Perhaps one day Apple will open up iOS for tinkering, but that won’t happen, even with the overhaul of iOS 7.

Apple could offer an iPhone 6 in early 2014 with a bigger screen to compete with Android devices.

The iPhone 6 is more likely to have a larger display.

What this all means is that waiting for a large screen iPhone, an iPhone with something profoundly better than a Retina Display and a piece of software that is highly customizable will more than likely be waiting beyond the iPhone 5S for those features.

Fortunately, there are a number of devices on the market that will accommodate just about every feature the iPhone 5S won’t have. The Galaxy S4 and HTC One both have large 1080p displays and the Android operating system is highly customizable, particularly the vanilla version on devices like the Nexus 4.

You Don’t Need the Extra Hardware

The iPhone 5S of course will feature new hardware but it’s going to be in less drastic places than design, screen size and screen resolution. Instead of those, Apple will likely upgrade specifications like the camera and the processor, outfitting the iPhone 5S with a better camera and a faster processor for things like multitasking and gaming.

It may also come with a fingerprint scanner that adds some security thanks to being embedded inside the home button. With Apple theft soaring, the prospect of the fingerprint button is probably enticing to many. However, these specifications aren’t enticing to everyone, particularly those that don’t need the latest specifications.

The iPhone 5S will more than likely come with better hardware but for many, it won't be necessary.

The iPhone 5S will more than likely come with better hardware but for many, it won’t be necessary.

Many people will be find with the iPhone 5’s camera sensor. Those that don’t game or put a huge strain on the iPhone’s processor likely won’t care about an upgraded chip. And there are plenty of people that either won’t need or won’t use a fingerprint scanner, even if Apple does include it.

These are the features that the iPhone 5S will most likely have and ultimately, the ones that users will be waiting for. If those aren’t necessary, then there is no use waiting for the iPhone 5S.

You’re OK With A Few Missing iOS 7 Features

iOS 7 was announced just a few short days ago, a beta released shortly afterwards. The software is now out in the open and what users have discovered is that it’s full of new features, both big and subtle. For instance, Control Center has been completely overhauled in favor of a new menu that not only is located in a different spot but has more functionality.

The new software will also be bringing new camera filers to the Photo application, the AirDrop feature from OS X that allows users to share their content with friends that are nearby. Right now, the iPhone 5 is expected to get the full iOS 7 experience though that will likely change once the iPhone 5S is announced.

That’s because the iPhone 5S is likely to have at least one major software feature that’s unique to it and one that Apple will use as the device’s major selling point. At the moment, it’s looking like it could tie into the fingerprint scanner though that isn’t for sure.

Simply put, if a unique software feature isn’t of interest, users can simply opt for the iPhone 5 right now which again will more than likely be getting most of what iOS 7 has to offer.

You’re an iPhone 4S Owner Who Isn’t in a Hurry

Finally, iPhone 4S owners shouldn’t be waiting for the iPhone 5S. The reasoning is simple. The iPhone 4S is a good phone now and will likely be an even better phone once it receives iOS 7.

By waiting beyond the iPhone 5S, owners will then likely have the iPhone 5S as a cheaper option in 2014 while also likely having the option to buy a larger screen iPhone 6 that is heavily rumored for arrival next year.