Will The Nook Color Compete as an Android Tablet?

Gizmodo has a report that says the newly announced Nook Color eBook Reader that is Android 2.1 at its core might actually have what it takes to be a Tablet/Slate. The key here is what you use a Tablet/Slate for. But then that’s the key for all of these iPad wannabes and the iPad itself.

Apparently there is an App Store on the way. It will be curated and developers can start submitting in early 2011. Where not looking at every App that can run on Android, (some like Pandora are already included on the device). That said, the Nook SDK, which is a layer on top of Android will allow Apps to be ported over.

The confusing part is that Barnes & Noble isn’t aiming to position Nook Color as a multi-purpose device, but instead to “extend the reading experience.” But the rep, Claudia Romanini, says that something like a Netflix App isn’t out of the realm of possibility.

So, back to “how do you use one of these devices.” If all you do is read, watch a few movies, check your email, (you know the list), than at $250, the Nook Color has some potential (stress potential) to fill those needs. What’s that phrase?

Wait and see.