Windows Live OneCare to be Replaced with Free Anti-Virus Solution

Windows-Live-OneCare-1-5-Available-for-Download-2 This original story from PCWorld is from November 2008, but I don’t see a posting for it here on GBM and I know a number of readers here use Windows Live OneCare as an anti-virus solution. Turns out Microsoft is going to be ending retail sales Windows Live OneCare this summer in favor of a new and free anti-virus solution. The code name for the new solution is ““Morro.”

The new package is scheduled to ship at the end of the year (which sounds like it is possibly in line with Windows 7). It supposedly will use less system resources (and have fewer features) than OneCare. The backup and systems management portions of OneCare will be jettisoned. According to the article Microsoft will continue to support those who subscribed to OneCare through the end of their subscriptions.

Via The Unauthorized Microsoft Weblog