Windows Phone 7 to hit the ground running with employee giveaway

Yep, Microsoft is giving away employees to launch Windows Phone 7. Wait, that can’t be right. Oh no, they’re giving every employee a Windows Phone 7 phone, so the platform has a strong running start at launch.

Retweeted by Mary Jo Foley, the news mirrors previous employee giveaways by Apple and Google of their respective phones. But while Apple only needed to clear around 20k units and the scope of Google’s giveaway was undetermined, Microsoft has about 90,000 hungry mouths to feed, which likely makes it bigger than both those other giveaways combined. Very generous move by Microsoft, but truthfully, Windows Phone 7 is running so behind at this point, a grand gesture like this may be absolutely necessary for their first impact.

I can’t help but notice how Kin could have benefited from something like this. It’s also been cited on a few occasions that the Tablet PC suffered because Microsoft employees did not use Tablet PCs. It seems Microsoft has learned a lesson from those mistakes, and I commend them for that. Thus far, I am pleasantly surprised by how well Microsoft seems to be managing the business and marketing side of WP7, giving the attractive technological side a fighting chance to prove itself.

Via Engadget