Windows Phone Mango Announces Caller ID Information

It looks like with the forthcoming Mango software update for Windows Phone 7, Microsoft is bringing back a beloved feature from its Windows Mobile era. Previously, with the now defunct Windows Mobile platform and the optional Microsoft Voice Command software pack, users can set their phones to not only ring with custom ringtones, but also have their Windows Mobile devices announce the name or number of the caller as well. It looks like now, with Mango, this old feature is getting new live thanks in part to Microsoft’s early voice command work through Voice Command and the company’s acquisition of TellMe.

According to WMPU, the feature is there in Windows Phone Mango, but you’ll have to dig into the menus to enable it.

It’s interesting to see the progression of this new Windows Phone platform. The first release of Windows Phone marked Microsoft’s foray into touch-based user interfaces as the company had dumped its legacy Windows Mobile platform that relied primarily on a stylus and resistive touchscreen. Now that Microsoft has demonstrated its abilities with capacitive touchscreen technologies, with the second revision, Mango, the company is focusing on other natural user interfaces, and we’re seeing a lot more voice and speech integration.