Xbox One Deals for November: Xbox One for $250

Now is an excellent time to buy the Xbox One thanks to a number of stackable Xbox One deals that drop the price as low as $250 with a trade and other great deals for users who are looking for an Xbox One as a Christmas gift.

These Xbox One deals already beat our Xbox One Black Friday 2014 deals predictions, so there is little reason to wait for a deal that will be in limited supply or require a long wait in line when you can already save $50 to $150 on the Xbox One.

Microsoft’s Xbox One is almost a year old and after dropping the price $100 and removing the Kinect from the entry-level model, Microsoft is back with another $50 off, plus bundles and a trade-in offer that can drop the price of the Xbox One as low as $250.

Check out these Xbox One Deals for November 2014.

Check out these Xbox One Deals for November 2014.

The November Xbox One deals, including Black Friday, may be beat already if you are able to trade in an old Xbox 360 or PS3 towards the Xbox One. This deal inflates the trade in price for some old consoles from $1 to $100 and it is available online and in store if you are close to a Microsoft Store.

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Microsoft offers two promotions that overlap to deliver the biggest overall savings, and there are a few other options out there for users to score Xbox One deals for November.

Xbox One for $250

Shoppers who can trade in an Xbox 360 or PS3 towards the Xbox One should go that route and wait for November 2nd when Microsoft delivers up the $50 off deal for the Xbox One.

Here’s how this works. You need to trade-in an old Xbox 360 or PS3, including very old and low storage options, to the Microsoft Store online or at a Microsoft Store. When you trade in with a controller and cables you will get a $100 off coupon good on the Xbox One.

Trade in your old Xbox or PS3 to get a Xbox One for $250.

Trade in your old Xbox or PS3 to get a Xbox One for $250.

This trade-in deal is good through the end of 2014, which means you don’t need to rush into it, but you will need to wait for the console to arrive at Microsoft to get your coupon code, so sooner is better.

After you send your old console off, you’ll receive a $100 off coupon code for the Xbox One from the Microsoft Store. Now you can add one of the eligible consoles to your cart and apply your coupon to drop the price of the $350 Xbox One to $250.

This is eligible on the base Xbox One, the Xbox One with Sunset Overdrive which includes a digital copy of the game and a white Xbox One as well as a bundle that retails for $599. One of the best deals is the Xbox One Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare bundle that is $449 with the $50 deal and dropped to $350 after the coupon code. This bundle includes double the hard drive space, a special edition Xbox One and controller and a digital copy of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

Xbox One Deals Without Trade

If you can’t trade an old console in for the Xbox One, there are still a few deals that can help you chop the price of the Xbox One down.

Neowin discovered a 5% off Microsoft store promotion is still running that should stack on top of the discount to bring the price of the Xbox One down to $332.50. Text Play to 29502 to get your discount code.

Save more than $50 on the Xbox One deals in November.

Save more than $50 on the Xbox One deals in November.

Another Xbox One Deal for November is through the Fetch app, which is delivering 10% off coupon codes to shoppers. This can drop the price of the Xbox One without Kinect to $314 and the Xbox One Assassin’s Creed Unity Bundle with Kinect to $404.49. Check out the details on this Xbox One deal on Reddit.

We’ll be updating this as Xbox One deals in November arrive, including Black Friday Xbox One deals and others to help you upgrade to a new console or save big on a Christmas gift.