Xbox One in Stock at Amazon (Update)

While most retail stores have sold out of every Xbox One they have (both online and in-store), Amazon is showing that they have standard editions of the Xbox OneĀ in stock and ready to ship. Furthermore, there doesn’t seem to be any warning about low stock, but that doesn’t mean you should take your time with buying one; they could still sell out quick.

UPDATE: Sorry! They’re sold out now.

Amazon is the only online retailer that we’re seeing that has the Xbox One in stock right now. Best Buy, GameStop, Walmart and even the Microsoft Store itself are sold out of Xbox One consoles, so if you need one, Amazon is the place to get it right now. Plus, if you have a Prime membership, you’ll be able to get the console to your doorstep by Friday if you order today — just in time for a weekend gaming marathon, but that’s only if you opt for the $3.99 one-day shipping.

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Keep in mind that this is simply the standard edition of the Xbox One. Day One Editions of the console are completely sold out and you won’t be able to buy one from retail stores anymore; you’re only option is to head to eBay for a Day One Edition. However, the only difference is that the Day One Edition comes in a black packaging box, a “Day One 2013” insignia on the controller and a “Day One achievement” (whatever that is).

Based on those differences, we’d say you’re not missing out on much if you go ahead and just get a standard edition console. And seeing how an in-stock Xbox One is nearly impossible to come by, we say you should go for it now if you’re thinking about getting one. GameStop had Xbox One bundles in stock a couple of days ago, but those have since sold out, so you’re best off to hurry and buy.

The Xbox One has been an extremely difficult piece of gaming hardware to get since the console’s launch on November 22. We’ve seen a handful of units make their way to retailers every now and then, but they usually sell out shortly afterward. Hopefully supply grows sooner rather than later, but it seems that there might be a lot of young gamers who will be disappointed on Christmas Day.