Xobni Now Out of Beta

xobni-outlook-plugin-to-search-people-email-and-attachments-instantlyIt seems like quite a while ago that GBM readers were excited by Xobni, the Outlook add-in, that made it easier to deal with the ceaseless flow of email. During the beta launch we gave away quite a few invites. I gave Xobni a try and liked it a lot but somewhere in trying out multiple devices I let it slip off my radar. I’ve also gotten away from Outlook as I’m using GMail for more and more of my mail needs so I just haven’t checked it out lately. Maybe that will change with this new announcement.

Xobni is now out of Beta and it is still free. The folks at Xobni are touting that the program now loads faster and has better customization to allow you to take advantage of the sidebar for your need, among other improvements. They’re also talking about bringing the platform to smartphones.

Sound off in the comments if you’re stilll using Xobni and how it works for you.