ZAGG InvisibleShield Extreme iPhone 5 Screen Protector Announced

To go along with the launch of the iPhone 5, ZAGG has a new screen protector it calls the InvisibleShield Extreme which it claims offers the most protection of a ZAGG screen protector ever.

The new InvisibleShield Extreme iPhone 5 screen protector is a thin, 0.2mm film that fits on top of the iPhone 5 display, just like every other InvisibleShield for other devices. This one protects the iPhone 5 from scratches and from shock and breakage as well.

The InvisibleShield Extreme covers not just the screen of the iPhone 5, but also sides and back of the new smartphone.

The video for the new screen protector shows an iPhone 4S (because nobody outside of Apple has an iPhone 5 yet) dropped on a bed of nails, shot with a paintball gun, and attacked with a cinder block among other things.  At the end of the video the InvisibleShield Extreme is removes\d from the iPhone, and the device itself remains untouched.

If the InvisibleShield Extreme doesn’t protect the iPhone 5, ZAGG will replace the screen protector for free, but not for the device itself.

The InvisibleShield Extreme costs $29.99, and is in stock right now. ZAGG will ship the iPhone 5 screen protector on September 13 or 14, and it ships free to the lower 48 states in the U.S.

ZAGG also offers it other InvisibleShield screen protectors for the iPhone 5, including the Hi-Definition, Original, and Smudge-Proof models. All models are in stock now, and will ship by September 13 or 14. The Smudge-Proof screens won’t ship until September 17-19.

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