Zipcar iPhone App is Live

Screen shot 2009-09-30 at 6.06.16 PMThe Zipcar iPhone application is now available from Apple’s App Store. The application lets Zipcar customers rent cars by the hour and do a couple of other cool tricks. Tapping on the iPhone’s screen can unlock your rental car or honk its horn in case you lose track of it in a parking lot. .

Zipcar still requires customers to unlock their rental cars with their membership cards when they pick them up, but after that they can use their iPhones.

I’m a Zipcar customer, but I rarely use the service. This little gimmick will definitely give me an excuse to take one of their cars for a spin.

I’m used to iPhone applications that interact with other iPhones and devices on a network, but this will be the first application I’ll use to make a transaction out in the real world. I hope more apps are developed that can control things like gas pumps and ATMs.