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10 Cool Things the Galaxy Note 9 Can Do



Impressive New Cameras (Flaw & Scene Detection)

Impressive New Cameras (Flaw & Scene Detection)

Samsung's Galaxy Note 9 has one of the best cameras on the market. And while the two camera lenses are the same as the Galaxy S9+, they added some impressive software features to the Note 9. 

Yes, the 12MP cameras take amazing photos, have a variable aperture that switches on the fly, and both have optical image stabilization. You probably already know that these cameras are amazing. 

What you didn't know, is that Samsung added powerful new camera controls. Like Scene and Flaw detection using AI. We've seen some of this in other phones, but not on a Samsung, which is a big deal. 

When you go to take a photo the camera software will use one of 20 categories or "scenes" for the best result. Things like landscape, motion, night, text, and other scenes. Then adjust settings like brightness, color profiles, contrast and more for the best results. And if you take a photo and something goes wrong, like a person blinks or something isn't in focus, the phone will TELL you. 

You'll never go to share a photo after a fun day and realize someone had their eyes shut. The Note 9 will intelligently scan photos for flaws and let you know in real-time. Basically, this camera is a beast. 



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